Walk the Dark Street (1956)

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Chuck Connors as plays an over-the-top, slightly psychotic big-game hunter. He’s out for revenge on an army officer who he thinks got his brother killed.

2 thoughts on “Walk the Dark Street (1956)”

  1. I really enjoy your movies.However,what can I do when, too often appers “ERROR 404″ WHAT YOU are looking for is not here”- and I can`t see the movie? Thank you .Yours sincerely.Lorenzo

    1. You are probably subscribed to the Retrovision feedburner feed and your device or location (outside the US) directs you here.

      You should unsubscribe from the Retrovision feed and subscribe here.

      The reason I redirect people is because about 30% of Retrovision won’t work with phones or tablets or for people outside the US.

      If you got a 404 off the email feed, you couldn’t watch it because of your device or location anyway. This sites feed will give you things you can watch only.

      Other people have mentioned this.

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