Warehouse 13 (2012)

Saving the life of the President, two Secret Service agents find themselves abruptly transferred to Warehouse 13 – a massive, top secret storage facility in windswept South Dakota that houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and supernatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government.

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  1. Kev
    I’m chompin at the bit here – any word on release date yet for this year?

    • Hi Rich – Hope you are doing well.

      The good news is Season 4 will be 20 episodes, not 13. The bad news is we have to wait until fall. Date unspecified as of yet.

  2. Hi Kev
    Doin well here – Thanks. Hope all is well with you.
    20 episodes is Very Good News ! I can wait till fall. Rather watch them here then anywhere else. How’s your “puppy” doing?

  3. Puppy is good. Not so much of a puppy anymore. An update on Warehouse 13. Saul Rubinek claimed in a tweet that the new season will start July 23rd and will have Brent Spiner of STNG fame playing a part. I’ll be 50 on July 23rd, so I get a birthday present. I’m not sure if they’ll play these episodes immediately or delay them a little like last year.

  4. Kev
    Glad the “puppy” is growing old like the rest of us. Congrats on your 50th ! I like Brent Spiner of STNG – will be interesting not seeing him as “Data”
    Hope the new EP’s get posted on your B’Day as a present

  5. He’s played some other stuff. Usually pretty decent TV parts.

    I did write a post about BB a couple months ago:


  6. Wow Kev! Thanks
    BB is a beaut! Did not see that post. Spike’s a pretty handsome fella also – you have some Great Friends there

  7. Hey. These new episodes are great fun!

  8. Well, they resurrected the gay guy. Maybe they could resurrect some sort of a script to make him remotely interesting. Every other character on this show has a personality.

    From an interview about the astonishing, shocking (20 years ago) addition of the gay character Jinks:

    Actually, Syfy suggested it. We were pitching this character and a couple of the execs are gay and said, ‘What if Steve was gay?’ We immediately jumped on the idea — but it’s just a part of who he is, it doesn’t define the character.

    I think…. what if Steve was defined at all? We know Steve is gay. Other than that, he’s kind of a lump. Why is he Claudia’s BFF forever? He barely said anything to her except “I’m gay”. I figure they could get some writers to make him interesting…

    Did his folks own a book store? Can he speak 9 languages? Did he spend his teenage years in a nut barn? Is his brother caught in a trans-dimensional universe?

    Aaron Ashmore can act. I’ve seen it. It seems like he deals with the un-writing for his character pretty well. I figure if they’re gonna bring him back from the dead… well it doesn’t seem like it mattered too much. And the method of bringing him back from the dead? A metronome and Allison Scagliotti acting like she ate bad clams. Hmm…

    We’ve even got a reformed (which is completely unexplained) H.G. Wells with no bra. Bra or not, what fun is a reformed H.G. Wells? This new thread with Brent Spiner is kind of interesting.

    They split the script too. That’s a weird choice. We’ve got the Artie Nielsen subtext with Brent Spiner (interesting), what appears to be a normal Pete Latimer Warehouse 13 episode (kinda dull), the reformation of H.G. Wells (dull and completely unexplained) and the resurrection of a block of wood (very dull) all going on at the same time. I’m not sure they are doing any of these plot lines justice. Pick one. Tell that story, then move along.

    The Brent Spiner thread is really interesting. It didn’t need the scary monsters and a resurrection to diffuse it.

    They might be able to pull all this back together to make some sort of sense, but it might just all end up kinda disjoint and weird. It’s like they tried to cram 5 hours of story into 92 minutes. It’ll probably work out, but I’m kinda thrown off by 4 plot lines in 2 episodes. Are the writers losing it?

    It’s feeling like a soap. I’m frankly concerned were gonna drive this one off a cliff this season. Are we going the way of Eureka?

    I feel like the writers didn’t have enough material to make one plot, so they took a hodge podge of material to try to fill up 92 minutes. I could be wrong, but this might not be good.

    Time will tell, but I think it’s gonna take a couple episodes, if it’s possible, to weave this back into a story.

  9. Kev
    Pleasant surprise to see Series4 – EP 1, 2, 3, posted already. Haven’t formed an opinion yet as to where the series is going – need to watch EP 3 and make a decision from there –

  10. Kev
    OK – watched S4 EP3 tonight. Agree that the numerous plots seem to be intertwined, and some solved in EP 3 – have no idea where they are going. Seems Steve and Claudia are linked some how by blood. Will be interesting to see what develops there – still no clue as to why Steve was “resurected” – except his knowledge on some artifacts – Where’d that come from ? Maybe through his undercover dealings with Sykes.
    Soon to be discovered will be the “Evil” Artie created in Rome, namely Claudia,
    Will be interesting to see where that leads.
    All in All this series, actors, and plots, keep coming us back!
    Don’t know if the writers will be able to hold our interest this season, and next, – I hope so.

  11. Kev
    S4 EP4 interesting – seems to me the writers are focusing on a bigger picture with artifacts intertwined for the season and their effects on the Warehouse Crew and where this series is going .
    Nice to see a lot of Brent Spiner – should be a very interesting season.

    • For the 4 minutes of Brent Spiner threatening Artie, we don’t know anything more about the “Great Evil” than we did before.

      Ooooh! Brent Spiner is after Artie now! He better look out :)

      I will have to find some peppermint body scrub.

  12. LMAOROTL – would rather have “Peppermint Patties” ! :-)
    The WH Crew will have Artie’s back – Claudia is still the one to watch this season in MHO –
    YO ! Wheres EP 5 ?

    • Delayed 30 days, as are all episodes after EP4. Kinda silly considering there are any number of places you can download the current episode an hour after it airs anywhere.

  13. Kev
    S4 Ep5 fabulous!! Seems things are moving along quite nicely and questions are being answered. Scenerio is shaping up

    • Yeah.. this is good. I’ve seen the episodes Hulu hasn’t posted yet. We’ve got a cliffhanger before the summer run of the second half of the season.

  14. I’m really not sure why, but I got a real kick out of seeing Lindsay Wagner. I think I was in love back in the day.

  15. I agree – wish I was Artie LOL :-)

  16. Warehouse 13 episodes have caught up to Hulu. Episodes past episode 4 are delayed a month, but they are showing them now. We’ll get 3 more episodes before the break, and then WH13 will return in July or August 2013.

  17. Kev
    S4 – EP 9 – SUPERB !
    Tired of trying to figure out where this series is going, as I’m almost always wrong – so now time to just sit back and enjoy
    Love this series !!

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