Wild Guitar (1962)

It’s another Arch Hall movie. The maker of Eegah and The Sadist does it again with this motorcycle riding movie that could loosely be called a musical. Arch Hall Jr. only made 5 movies, between 1961 and 1965. Then he became the captain of a 747 for Flying Tigers. Flying Tigers was bought by Fedex in 1989. He was flying DC-10′s when he retired in 2003. All of Arch’s movies fall into the category of so bad, it’s good and have a cult following.


  • Sadist, The (1963)
  • Snake People (1971)
  • Day the Sky Exploded, The (1958)
  • Captain Kidd (1945)
  • Revenge of Doctor X, The (1970)
  • So this is Washington – Lum and Abner (1943)
  • Strange Illusion (1947)
  • Algiers (1938)

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