Wild Guitar (1962)

It’s another Arch Hall movie. The maker of Eegah and The Sadist does it again with this motorcycle riding movie that could loosely be called a musical. Arch Hall Jr. only made 5 movies, between 1961 and 1965. Then he became the captain of a 747 for Flying Tigers. Flying Tigers was bought by Fedex in 1989. He was flying DC-10’s when he retired in 2003. All of Arch’s movies fall into the category of so bad, it’s good and have a cult following.

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  1. you owe me an hour and twenty nine minutes. I have seen the other 2 mentioned on your site and the nugget in those was his girlfriend…..and little more….this guy makes Tom Cruise look like an actor….almost….neither could act hurt if he got shot for real……too funny, so dramatic and a powerful, powerful message……” nice to have a daddy with a studio”….thanks for cool, goofy stuff as always……….Sid

  2. James Edinger June 7, 2015 @ 6:52 pm

    A movie poster for Eegah is on the wall of the diner!

    • Two more of the Arch Hall films are Eegah and the Sadist. The Sadist is the least amateurish of the bunch. But then he retired and became an airline pilot.

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