Charlie Chan In the Trap (1945)

“Charlie Chan In the Trap” Two members of a show troupe are murdered, and Charlie Chan is called in to solve the case.

This was Sidney Toler’s final film and his final one as Charlie Chan. Striken with cancer during his last few films, he was so physically weak during filming that he could hardly walk or say his lines coherently.

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  1. Great movie–actual dialogue vs kill kill kill movies of today. A mystery you have to actually think about who du. It and with some light albeit goofey comedy with Birmingham and no 2 son. Love CC!

  2. Toler’s final Chan isn’t the career swan song fans were hoping for, but the film’s wonkiness provides some amusing moments of befuddlement that make The Trap a guilty pleasure of sorts.

  3. Excellent movie!!!

  4. Eveline Tomlinson February 1, 2014 @ 10:47 am

    I love charlie chan movies. I just enjoy watching them and any movie like them, like Mr Wong movies. I enjoy those too. The oriental character is not stupid. I don’t like that the side kick’s are made to be stupid though. Still it is entertaining.

  5. Enjoyed the movie a lot. Wish there were more like it.

  6. Fantastic. the clarity was what i liked. lol i do love charlie chan great movies like this are seldom seen around anymore. thank you

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