Google has come up with this $35 device that will take your iPhone or Ipad, Android Phone, or Windows desktop and send it to your big screen TV.  It communicates over wifi with the TV and gives you a WYSIWYG view of whatever device you are using.  On Windows it displays the Chrome browser window on your TV screen.

The reviews seem to be favorable.   It looks like it should work with Retrovision, but not with some of the stuff I link to.  The way this works on a PC is that Chromecast runs a web browser inside it and it mirrors your desktop Chrome.    Should you run across any compatible video, you can just zap it to the TV.


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  1. I do the same thing with a cable I bought at Walmart for six bucks. Googles Chromecast dongle is 35! My picture is fantastic and I’m less likely to get interference.

  2. This is Google’s attempt at a cheap Apple TV killer. My brother has an Apple TV and you can just zap stuff off the iPad or iPhone and watch in on TV. Google is doing the same thing with anything that will run Chrome.

    One thing you probably didn’t think about is that you can zap a show onto the TV and keep browsing. The Chromecast doesn’t play stuff from your device. It retrieves the content independently. Interference shouldn’t be an issue. It’s all wifi.

    You take your Chrome browser and as you browse, the Chromecast browses with you. If there is a video on the page, you push the button in Chrome and the Chromecast sucks the video link out of the page and plays it. Then you can just go on with your browsing. It’s really pretty slick, at least in theory.

    Your way, you have to give up the device you’re using and plug it in. Chromecast is zap…. it plays… you may now continue browsing.

    I can plug my iPhone and Android tablet into a TV with an HDMI cable. But if I get a phone call or want to check my email, it’s hooked to the TV.

    I don’t know if I’ll buy one of these, but it looks like kind of a nifty toy.

  3. I never had the use of sending things to my tv since my computers already connected to my tv but my dad has Wii and a dvr which are both capable of that.

  4. You have a habbit of stating things as fact to cover the fact that you don’t know something. My Dad does it all the time on both units. Just because you don’t know how doesn’t mean it can’t be done.
    I’ve also noticed you get a lot of bad information. Be more selective when reading on the internet. Not everyone will steer you right … especially when it comes to things like web hosting, browsers, etc. . Speaking of browsers, since I don’t have any interest in codecs just to run stuff on your website (or a bulky browser like Chrome) when I have no problem streaming movies on everyone elses’s sites, I think I’m done with your little site. Sure, I could tweek Chrome to run on my Linux box but why? Poke a hole in that ego and your marriage would probably go smoother too (if you still have one)!

    • Why don’t you go on ebay and pick up a PC that isn’t from 1999? You could pick up a life while your out. You are irrelevant. You are far outnumbered by people running browsers that are up to modern standards. I could just ban Firefox and not even notice. Most of you aren’t stupid and don’t think I’m up to some chicanery. Most people will just fire up Chrome and watch some movies. There always is an idiot in the crowd.

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