Classic UHF Android App

I wrote an Android app that has most of the public domain library here. It’s more than 600 movies and TV shows and you can play it on your Android tablet. You’ll need Android 4.1 or later, but other than that it should work on phones or whatever.

Get the Classic UHF Android App. I should get this in the Amazon store for 3rd and 4th generation Kindle Fires sometime this week or figure out how to sideload the apk file below.

This probably will work on TV sticks and boxes.   If you have a Fire TV (box or stick) , please sideload the app and tell me what’s up.

Get Classic UHF from Google Play

Click here Download the apk to sideload the app

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If you aren’t running at least Android 4.1, this won’t work.   A lot of devices have upgrades or custom Android distros.  I have a 3 year old Kindle fire running Android 4.4.4 instead of the old Amazon OS.

Android starts getting really nice at Android 4.4.  Nexus devices all have updates to at least Android 4.4.  Check your manufacturer and see if you can get updated as much as possible.  With Android, mo’ newer is way mo betta’