Countdown to Looking Glass (1984)

You can’t hug your kids with nuclear arms.

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  1. That was worse than I thought it would be at first. IN fact , I skipped around alot and didnt miss anything. Same would be true if I didn’t see it at all though.

    • What I thought was neat about it was that it’s got a lot of people from the day. It’s kind of a dull movie, but I think it’s worth it as a piece of Americana.

  2. A strange movie, dull in places with scenes reminiscent of 80’s & 90’s American soaps, but every now and then it made me feel a little jittery and think this is a little too close for comfort. Strange enough the TV station anchorman really held the film together. The last 15 minutes stood out, making the route to Armageddon seem realistic without overdone effects and that you were viewing the start of a nuclear war from your TV.
    Not the best but entertaining.

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