Dangerous Assignment-The Art Treasure Story

US special agent Steve Mitchell (Brian Donlevy) goes after a secret stolen Nazi art cache, the Hapsburg Treasure.

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  1. You’re the Best!

  2. These shows are awesome. I’ve seen Brian Donlevy in films from the 1940’s, but I guess his popularity dropped off and television was the way to go. He does a great job and I recommend watching this short series.

  3. I recall back in the late Seventies, being at my local Car Wash. It was in Culver City, not far from the MGM studios.
    I saw this old Vintage car, around a 1948, I assumed back then.
    Waa shocked when I saw the driver of the Car, was Brian Donlevy.I wanted to say something, but ended up wave giving a wave and thumbs up. he smiled and gave me a small wave, as he drive off.
    Kicked myself later, at not at least, Hello. Just shocked, you don’t expect to see a movie star at a car wash
    Did enjoy him on the big and small screen.

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