Decoy (1957)

This little gem is Beverly Garland playing a police woman in the 1950’s. It was filmed in New York city and places this brave police woman in some very seedy and dangerous situations. I really enjoy this show and think you will too.

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  1. I think this show was ahead of it’s time with some of it’s subject matter. So enjoyable I purchased the Box set.

    • That and I think Beverly Garland is really good. She kind of reminds me of Angie Dickinson a little.

      • Kevin is back. Good to see that.

        • Hope you’re good.

          • Was it a health issue or busy doing other things? Just being rudely curious.

          • Doing other things mostly. I moved. I just kinda didn’t get back to it for a while. I don’t remember how old this web site is, but it’s old. I just kinda kept it running. It was kind of a mess and out of date. Like, it was still running on 2014 Ubuntu. Software engineers haven’t been sitting on their hands for 6 years. It’s much faster now.

  2. Okay. I was wondering what happened. I can see your changes. It will probably take some time to bring people back though because the site was inactive for so long – assuming you want to continue working on it. Considering what is popular in todays media, I will mix some of the classics. MeTV is one of my favorite local channels. The commentary is fun too.

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