Detour (1945)

A piano player, Al (Neal), sets off hitchhiking his way to California to be with his girl. Along the way, a stranger in a convertible gives him a ride. While driving, Al stops to put the top up during a rainstorm. He discovers that the owner of the car has died in his sleep. Al panics and dumps the body in a gully and drives off in his car. Later, he picks up another hitchhiker. Vera, (Savage) a femme fatale, threatens to turn him in for the supposed murder unless he assumes the identity of the dead man to collect an inheritance.

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  1. Rosemary Blasko March 23, 2013 @ 9:02 pm

    It was good to see Tom Neal again on the screen. This was a predictable 1945 film noir movie and how Hollywood used the cinema to promote an sell songs to the public, “I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With ME.” These were the songs with the lyrics that we still remember today. The continuing background music of I’m Always Chasing Rainbows.” The mention of Carnegie Hall. The four block evening walk along a foggy Riverside Drive from 73rd to 77th Street in New York City. The depositing of 5 cents in a pay telephone to dial a 440 code to access a long distance operator which was required to place a call to California and then depositing an additional $1.00 in quarters to complete the charge of $1.05 cents to connect for a 3 minute call. The viewing of the inward operator’s long lines plug boards, as the connection was transferred manually, from state to state by operators, was unique an enjoyable to see. These special effects should not be overlooked. Also notice all the non filtered cigarettes, as well as the Victory Buy War Bonds stamp on the empty cigarette pack jammed into the ash tray. I enjoyed this movie and trust that those who will view it will be made aware of the effort of these special effects. Bye the way, notice a young Janet Leigh as the waitress at the drive in restaurant. Thanks for posting this one.

    • I really appreciated your insightful comments about this film noir gem. I could just pick out the “A” gas allowance sticker on the windshield of the Lincoln Continental and I recalled the Broadway Hollywood store they passed where I shopped when I lived in Hollywood. But the life of Tom Neal was to be worthy of movie in itself his involvement with the beautiful starlet Barbara Payton and her responsibility for the Tom Neal/Franchot Tone scandal that was an highlight of a damaging self-destructive relationship for the three of them.

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  3. Good website i enjoy all these old movies.


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