Happy Thanksgiving

I feel a little like an elf. I’ve been cleaning up this website, which I have neglected for about 3 years or 4 years. It was pretty messed up. It’s freezing outside. The sidewalks and streets are like a skating rink. Tomorrow doesn’t look any better. I don’t have to travel, so I’m not going to.

So I’m just gonna stay home, eat and play with the dogs.

Happy Thanksgiving


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  1. Happy Holidays to you too, and thanks for the links to some neat old stuff.

  2. Sorry Cousin Kevin. My laptop just got fixed this a.m., so I was unable to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I have missed you. What do you mean that you have been “pretty messed up”? Are you okay now? Somebody is taking very good care of the canines!

  3. A typo. “It” was pretty messed up, as in this website. I moved. I was doing other things. I have added one dog since I really did much with this website. Some days I think I’m too old for a pitbull. But he’s a good boy, if a little too exuberant.

    It’s cold here in Klamath Falls. Record setting low temperatures. A bomb cyclone on Wednesday. I just went out and got some pellet fuel to take some stress off the furnace.

    Hope you are well. It seems to me like you’ve been around this web a long time. How old is this web? It’s more than 10 years. I know that.

    Merry Christmas.

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