Chrome works best

Why?  Because it does.

This site works best with Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, Android or linux. It works best with Safari on IOS. It works best with Silk on a Kindle Fire. If you are having difficulty, try using Chrome before you panic.  Browsers should always be the latest version.


You need about a megabit give or take.   For some of the stuff you can download it with less.

Tips for Kindle Fire/Android

Kindle Fire users need to turn page “acceleration” off.   It seems to help to stop the Amazon video application too.

To download videos, Fast downloader from Frog Coders, and probably a few other apps that are better, will allow you to download movies to your tablet or phone.   If you know of a better Android app say something below.

Where a download link is available for a video, it will be below the embedded player.

Tips for IOS (Iphones and the like)

Where available,  you will see a “Podcast This” link below the video.  You can use the podcast app (click to install)  to retrieve the movie to your phone or tablet for offline viewing.

Tips for desktop computer users

Make sure you are free of viruses.  Make sure your modem and/or router are in a well ventilated area.  Heat and your internet equipment are bad and video just makes it hotter.  Use Google Chrome.  Firefox works almost as well.  Internet Explorer 8 and below are not supported.  Use a modern browser.


I used to have a Roku channel, but I quit.  You can however follow these instructions to stream downloaded movies from your computer using PlayOn.  You can download the available movies, stick them in a directory on your computer and play them with your Roku


Retrovision currently only works with a Chromecast being controlled from a desktop computer. Convince me that enough of you are using Chromecast and I might provide Android and IOS support. If you have downloaded films to play, you can do that with Chrome or use something like videocast. For my money, Chrome works well enough.


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