How to watch Movies on your Roku

I’ve gotten a lot of mail since I quit providing a Roku channel. There were a couple problems. One is that the Roku channel cost too much to run. Another is I never found an effective way to get it to pay for itself. Then there were people who had too low bandwidth to use the channel. That got me a lot of hate mail. Reviews actually accused me of fraud because I can’t show Hulu and Crackle flix on the Roku box. One more problem is that the Roku is too weak to handle 900 movies and have them all be available which also got me hate mail. So I quit.

But all is not lost. I installed a way for your to download the movies and using PlayOn, you can stream the movies from your computer to your Roku. PlayOn will play any normal mp4 video file on your Roku. You need to install PlayOn and put the MyMedia channel on your Roku. You can get the MyMedia channel in the Roku store and PlayOn is at the link above.

So, you just drop your downloaded movies in the folder you chose to share with the Roku and you can see them on the big screen. This works not only for Retrovision movies, but just about any garden variety mp4 video file along with some other formats the Roku supports.

Happy zapping.