Jim French Productions

actor_6008I know there are some old time radio fans out there. You’ll like this if you didn’t know about it. You already like it if you did know about it.

From the web site of Jim French Productions:

At the age of eight, Jim French knew what he wanted to do with his life: he wanted to be a radio announcer. With this seemingly impossible goal tucked in the back of his mind, he turned a room over the family garage into a make-believe radio studio and “broadcast” into tomato-can microphones mounted on broomsticks.

This is the kind of guy you need when you want to make traditional old time radio shows with great production values and great scripts in 2013. Everything I’ve ever heard from these guys was a lot of fun. At week 8 hundred something, I’m still visiting this page to get a weekly dose of Jim French and crew.

And Ah… my old ears.. the audio quality is wonderful. Plug in your stereo.

Visit by clicking here.

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