Lady Confesses, The (1945)

Is this a film noir? Help me decide. A young woman is about to be married. Her fiancĂ©es ex-wife shows up. She’s been missing for 7 years and has come home with a bad attitude. It’s not that she wants her husband, she just wants to make him miserable.

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  1. Sandral over history January 17, 2013 @ 4:00 pm

    But to make exes miserable is one of the favorite sports of women all over the world. LOL.

  2. Good B movie. Acting, story, direction all make for a watchable mystery.

  3. “The Beaver’s” Dad… is the only memorable bit of this film. NO… NOT a film noir but, certainly a ‘B’ film and too predictable.

  4. ‘The Lady Confesses’ from 1945, is a good Noir film. I enjoyed it and like this type of mystery movies. Larry played by (Hugh Beaumont) was the bad guy in this movie, quite the change of character than when he played (Ward Cleaver) the father of Beaver and Wally Cleaver on ‘Leave It To Beaver’! Thanks Kevin for these great old movies on Retrovision.

  5. I may be wrong! Perhaps this movie was NOT considered a ‘Noir” film, but I did enjoy it! Thanks again Kevin!

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