Mr. Wong, Detective (1938)

James Wong investigates the murder of a man who came to visit. He was the head of a chemical company. This leads Wong into an investigation of an international spy ring that wants to steal a formula for poison gas. If you like Charlie Chan films, you should like Mr. Wong. I think Boris Karloff beats Sydney Toler hands down.

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  1. HEY! Sydney Toler was my favorite Charlie Chan. Admittedly, his performances were not up to par towards the end, but then he was dying a very slow and agonizing death (intestinal cancer(?)). If memory serves me right, it was because of ST that they were able to continue making Charlie Chan movies. He had bought the character rights from the widow Derr Biggers, then sold the idea of continuing to make new Charlie Chan films to Monogram when Fox downsized. He was an astute business man.

    • Sydney Toler died a few days after his final film, “The Trap”. He must have really enjoyed working, because by all reports he was very ill for some time.

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