One Step Beyond – Esther and Emily (1960)

A turn of the century newlywed woman recalls a memory of her sister who starts fire. This is an episode of One Step Beyond, a precursor to the Twilight Zone.

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  1. I remember being a very little girl when this show was on because I was not allowed to watch it. It was past my bedtime and my Mom would always say ” This show will give you bad dreams” I enjoy all these shows. I love the Hitchcock series and the outer limits – there were quite a few, but I had forgotten about this one and I have yet to see it anywhere else. Bravo – Again, thanks – Really am enjoying this series and I can stay up late now and watch them! Hope my Mom doesn’t catch me. (She is 90 years old now!)

    • That reminds me of my mom. Her mom wouldn’t let her watch stuff like this either. But mom got married to dad and moved out. Then to always find mom at midnight watching old spooky movies and the Twilight Zone. Luckily dad was a little deaf so it didn’t wake him up.

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