British Intelligence (1940)

Helene von Lorbeer is sent undercover to London to live with the family of a high-placed British official where she is to transmit steal war secrets for Germany. Starring Boris Karloff. This is a spy movie that you should like, if you like that genre. Boris Karloff plays a domestic servant involved in espionage during World War I, in a film that is filled with so many double agents that you won’t be able to figure out who is on which side until the film ends.


Marie Galante (1934)

Marie Galante is a pretty French girl with a job delivering telegrams when she gets accidentally abducted by a drunk sea captain and ends up in South America. She’s trying to get home, but she runs into some really shady characters including some spies that want to sink the US fleet while it’s in the Panama canal.


Project Kill (1976)

In the film, Nielsen plays John Trevor, a military agent who escapes from a secret government base where he had been the subject of various mind-control experiments. However, withdrawal from the mind-control drugs turn Trevor violent and dangerous, and now the military must find him before he can do any real damage.


Merry Axemas (Music)

I bought this album about 20 years ago. Youtube has it for nothing. Includes Amazing Grace Jeff Beck; Silent Night/O Holy Night Joe Satriani; Christmastime Is Here Steve Vai; Jingle Bells Brian Setzer Orchestra; Blue Christmas Joe Perry, plus Richie Sambora, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Eric Johnson, Hotei, and more!

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Merry Christmas

It’s just a little before dawn, and it’s really cold. I think I’m gonna have a cup of tea and go back to bed for a while. Jack Frost seems to have painted everything when I was asleep. Santa brought my pitbull a new collar, one that even he can’t break. His old collar is about a foot longer than it was last year. He is a sweet dog. We could call him overly exuberant without exaggerating. For me, I fixed my furnace. Yay! No more electric space heaters. And I put in a gas wall heater. Now I can…