Quicksand (1950)

Quicksand stars Mickey Rooney and Jeanie Cagney. Jeanie is a bad, bad girl that gets poor Jim in trouble with increasing regularity.

Entering the movie business in 1926, Mickey Rooney made his name as the title character in the Mickey McGuire shorts. These were a series of more than 40 silent, two-reel comedies adapted from the Toonerville Trolley comic strip, in which he starred through 1936. For a time he billed himself as Mickey McGuire, but legally changed his name to Mickey Rooney in 1932. Also during this period he met Walt Disney and later he would claim Disney had named Mickey Mouse after him. It is difficult to verify, and others have made similar claims, but Rooney takes credit for giving rising starlet Norma Jean Baker the stage name Marilyn Monroe (his co-star in the 1950 film The Fireball).

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