Recent Changes


Look up and to your right. There is a new menu button. Also, I added downloads where they were available. On iphones and ipads that means you can get the movie as a podcast. On Android it means you have to use a downloader program. I have explained this in the help file in more depth. I think everything is more or less in order. Please let me know if the pages don’t render on your device. I think this should even work on a Blackberry, but I’m not sure.

I don’t know why, but my trusty Kindle Fire seems to have gotten cranky about streaming videos. I don’t know if it’s a wifi issue or what. So, I put in download links. I have a feeling modern Android 4+ is gonna be a lot kinder to Retrovision than Amazon’s version of Android 2.2. So I made it so you can download most of what you could watch for those of us including me who aren’t gonna spring for a new tablet. This 2001 Kindle has to die first.

This should work pretty well on smart tv’s, Android, Apple stuff and of course Windows and linux.

Let me know if the new style shreds anything and send me a screenshot.