Review: Continuum (2010-)

I don’t think I’ve ever written a post that I didn’t have a full length video to go with, but I’m gonna give a grumpy old guy shout out for the Canadian series Continuum. It’s a hoot. I was looking for a new show to like and I didn’t find it for two years. Then I found Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix. You can also buy Seasons 1 and 2 from Amazon and Google. I think there is a Season One DVD. It’s on Showcase in Canada and it’s on SyFy in the United States with Season 3 starting April 4th. I won’t betray any spoilers, but Season 3 starts out great too.

Continuum is the story of Kiera Cameron, a female cop from 2077 who gets sent back in time sixty five years with a group of terrorists who are about to be executed. Rachel Nichols plays this role perfectly. Among some other perfect casting is Luvia Peterson, who plays the psycho-babe terrorist Jasmine Garza with alacrity. Alacrity really isn’t enough of a word. Luvia Peterson is great.

The nerds are really authentically nerdy. The terrorists are larger than life psychotic. Rachel Nichols as the technologically enhanced cop from the future makes the role believable and makes you like the character. The stories have very interesting twists and turns and the characters aren’t neglected. The characters have depth. These tales have depth. It’s filmed and set in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. How do you beat that? I really like this show and was so happy to find out we get another season.

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  1. Thank you for your opinion. I trust you and am grateful to you for all your links an files you send to me. This series is a great one. I am a scifi nut not pretending to be an expert just a fan. Thank you again for your opinion it is greately respected.

  2. I’m not an expert either, but Continuum, and this isn’t so common, does qualify as science fiction. That’s kind of unusual. A lot of science fiction is other genre’s pretending to be science fiction.

    I could contrast with saying Defiance sucks. It’s as smutty as you could possibly get away with and I think it counts on a 12 year old audience. If I wanted to watch soft core porn, I would watch soft core porn.

  3. OK, so we’re 1 Alec short at the end of Season 3 and no word whether there will be a Season 4. Hmm… I could leave this series at that. It has better closure than a lot of these things.

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