64 Million Dollar Question The 1953

64 Thousand Dollar Question The 1955

A Brighter Day 1950

A Star Is Born 1937

A Stranger in Town 1948

Abilene Town 1946

Aces and Eights 1936

Adventures of Tartu The 1943

Africa Screams 1949

Algiers 1938

Amazing Mr XThe 1948

Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss The 1936

Amazing Transparent Man The 1960

American West of John Ford The 1971

Amos n Andy Check and Double Check 1930

And Then There Were None 1945

Angel and the Badman 1946

Angel on my Shoulder 1946

Ape Man The 1943

Arizona Gunfighter 1937

Astral Factor The 1976

Atom Age Vampire 1963

Atomic Brain Monstrosity The 1964

Atomic Rulers of the World 1964

Attack Force Nam 1986

Attack from Space 1964

Attack of the Giant Leeches 1959

Attack of the Killer Shrews 1959

Attack of the Monsters 1969

Baby Face Morgan 1942

Bat The 1959

Battle Beyond the Sun 1959

Beach Girls and the Monster 1965

Beachhead to Berlin 1945

Beast from the Haunted Cave 1959

Beast Of Yucca Flats 1961

Beat the Clock 1958

Beaten Nazis Sign Surrender 1945

Bees in Paradise 1944

Beneath the 12Mile Reef 1953

Betty Boop Betty Boop MD 1932

Betty Boop Poor Cinderella 1934

Beverly Hillbillies Episode 1 Clampetts Strike Oil

Beverly Hillbillies Episode 2 Getting Settled 1955

Beverly Hillbillies Episode 3 Back at the Cabin 1962

Beverly Hillbillies Episode 4 The Clampetts Meet Mrs Drysdale 1962

Beverly Hillbillies Episode 5 Jed Buys Stock 1962

Beverly Hillbillies Trick Or Treat 1965

Big Bluff The 1955

Big Combo The 1955

Big Trees The 1954

Bigamist The 1953

Black Brigade The 1970

Black Dragons 1942

Black Raven The 1943

Blancheville Monster The 1963

Blood on the Sun 1945

Blood Tide 1984

Bloodlust 1961

Bloody Brood The 1959

Blue Steel 1934

Bluebeard 1944

Bonanza Badge without Honor 1960

Bonanza Bitter Water 1959

Bonanza Blood on the Land 1960

Bonanza Breed of Violence 1959

Bonanza Day of Reckoning 1955

Bonanza Desert Justice 1960

Bonanza Escape to Ponderosa 1960

Bonanza San Francisco 1959

Bonanza Silent Thunder 1960

Bonanza The Ape 1960

Bonanza The Avenger 1959

Bonanza The Bloodline 1960

Bonanza The Bloodline 1960

Bonanza The Fear Merchants 1960

Bonanza The Gunmen 1960

Bonanza The Hopefuls 1960

Bonanza The Last Trophy 1959

Bonanza The Spanish Grant 1959

Bonanza The Stranger 1960

Bowery at Midnight 1942

Boys of the City 1940

Brain that wouldnt Die The 1962

Brideless Groom The 1947

British Intelligence 1940

Buccaneers The Blackbeard 1956

Bucket of Blood A 1959

Burns and Allen Beverly Hills Uplift Society 1952

Burns and Allen Gracie and the Book Salesman 1955

Burns and Allen Gracie the Matchmaker 1950

Burns and Allen Gracies Checking Account 1950

Burns and Allen Mortons Private Secretary 1951

Buster Keaton The General 1926

Call of the Wilderness 1932

Captain Kidd 1945

Captain ZRo Christopher Columbus 1951

Captain ZRo Atilla The Hun 1951

Capture The 1950

Carnival of Souls 1962

Carson City Kid The 1940

Catholics A fable 1973

Charlie Chan in Dangerous Money 1945

Charlie Chan in Dark Alibi 1946

Charlie Chan in The Chinese Ring 1947

Charlie Chan in the Golden Eye 1948

Charlie Chan in The Scarlet Clue 1945

Charlie Chan In the Trap 1945

Charlie Chans Secret 1936

Chase The 1946

Chasing Trouble 1940

Climax The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1957

Cold Sweat 1970

Colossus and the Amazon Queen 1960

Corsair 1931

Creature from the Haunted Sea 1961 Roger Corman

Curse of Demon Mountain 1977

Curtain at 8 1933

Cyrano de Bergerac 1950

DOA 1950

Dangerous Assignment The Alien Smuggler Story

Dangerous Assignment The Sunflower Seed Story 1952

Dangerous AssignmentThe Art Treasure Story

Dangerous AssignmentThe Assassin Ring

Dangerous AssignmentThe Missing Diplomat Story

Danny Thomas Show The Ballplayers 1953

Danny Thomas Show The Governess 1953

Danny Thomas Show Trip to Wisconsin 1953

Dawn Express The 1942

Dawn Rider The 1935

Day Called X A 1958

Day the Sky Exploded The 1958

Dead Men Walk 1943

Death Kiss The 1932

Death Machines 1976

Death Rides a Horse 1967

Deep Red 1975

Dementia 13 1963

Dentist The 1932

Desert Trail The 1935

Destroy all Planets 1968

Detour 1945

Devil Bat The 1940

Devil of the Desert Against the Son of Hercules 1964

Devils Cargo The 1948

Devils Hand The 1962

Devils Partner The 1961

Dick Tracy Detective 1945

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome 1947

Dick Tracy vs Cueball 1946

Dick Tracys Dilemma 1947

Dick Van Dyke The Bank Book 1962

Dick Van Dyke The Night the Roof Fell In 1962

Dick Van Dyke Give me your Walls 1962

Dick Van Dyke Hustling the Hustler 1962

Dick Van Dyke Never Name a Duck 1962

Die Sister Die 1972

Dishonored Lady 1947

Disorder in the Court 1936

Dont Look in the Basement 1973

Doomed to Die 1940

Dragnet 1955 Disk 1

Dragnet The Big Bar 1954

Dragnet The Big Break 1955

Dragnet The Big False Make 1954

Dragnet The Big Hit and Run Killer 1955

Dragnet The Big Look 1955

Dragnet The Big Phone Call 1952

Dragnet The Big Phone Call 1952

Dragnet The Big Trunk 1955

Drifter The 1932

Driller Killer 1979

Drivein Massacre 1976

Drums of Jeopardy The 1931

Duck and Cover 1954

Duffys Tavern 1951

Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy 1950

EEGAH 1962

Embryo 1976

Escape By Night 1937

Evil Brain from Outer Space 1964

Eyes In the Night 1942

Falling Hare 1943

Farewell to Arms A 1932

Fatal Hour The 1940

Federal Men Case Of The Ready Guns 1955

Federal Men the Case Of Buried Treasure 1955

Federal Men the Case Of The Bad Bargain 1955

Federal Men The Case of the Black Sheep 1955

Federal Men the Case Of The Chartered Chiseler 1955

Federal Men The Case of the Iron Curtain 1955

Federal Men the Man Outside 1954

Federal Men the Case Of The Deadly Dilemma 1955

File on Thelma Jordan The 1950

First Spaceship on Venus 1960

Flash Gordon Akim The Terrible 1955

Flash Gordon Deadline at Noon 1954

Flash Gordon Lure of Light 1955

Flash Gordon Planet of Death 1955

Flash Gordon Struggle to the End 1955

Flash Gordon The Brain Machine 1955

Flash Gordon The Forbidden Experiment 1954

Flash Gordon The Subworld Revenge 1955

Flight to Nowhere 1946

Flying Deuces The 1939

Flying Serpent The 1946

For You I Die 1947

Four Star Playhouse A Study in Panic 1952

Four Star Playhouse Alias Mr Hepp 1955

Four Star Playhouse Knockout 1953

Four Star Playhouse The Frightened Woman 1952

Four Star Playhouse The Man in the Box 1953

Four Star Playhouse The Man on a Train 1953

Four Star Playhouse Tiger at Noon 1955

Four Star Playhouse Tunnel of Fear 1952

Four Star Playhouse Tunnel of Fear 195256

Friday the 13th 1933

Gang Busters The BoilatFiaschetti case 1954

Gang Busters The Dennis Case 1952

Gang Busters The Karpis Case 1952

Gang Busters The Mendoro Case 1952

Gang Busters The Nobel Case 1952

Gang Busters The Phantom Case 1952

Gang Busters The Unholy Three 1952

Gangster Story 1959

George Burns and Gracie Allen Gracie Gives a Wedding1951

George Burns and Gracie Allen Rumba Lessons 1950

George Burns and Gracie Allen The Rocket Girls 1955

Get Christie Love 1972

Ghost Walks The 1934

Ghosts on the Loose 1943

Ghoul The 1933

Giant Gila Monster The 1959

Giant of Marathon The 1959

Go Get Em Haines 1936

Gods Gun 1975

Golf Specialist The 1930

Gone with the West 1975

Good Against Evil 1977

Gorilla The 1939

Grave of the Vampire 1974

Great Dan Patch The 1949

Great Flamarion 1945

Great Guy The 1936

Great St Louis Bank Robbery The 1959

Green Glove The 1950

Guiding Light April 9th 1953

Gullivers Travels 1939

Gunsmoke Ranch 1937

Hands of a Stranger 1962

Haunted Ranch 1943

Head The 1959

Heartbeat 1946

Hells Highway 1932

Hercules Against the Moonmen 1964

HitchHikerThe 1953

Hollywood Stadium Mystery 1938

Hoodlum The 1951

Horror Express1972

Horror Hotel 1960

House on Haunted Hill The 1959

How Awful About Alan 1970

I Bury The Living 1958

I Love Trouble 1948

I Married Joan Bevs Boyfriend 1953

I Married Joan Broken Toe 1953

I Married Joan Jailbird 1955

I Thank You 1941

Impact 1949

In the year 2889 1967

Incredible Petrified World The 1957

Indestructible Man 1956

Inner Sanctum 1948

Inspector General The 1949

International Crime 1938

Invisible Avenger 1958

Irish Luck 1939

Isle of Forgotten Sins 1943

It Can Be Done Amigo 1972

Its Alive 1969

Jack and the Beanstalk 1952

Jack Benny Audrey Meadows 1952

Jack Benny Jack Gets Robbed 1952

Jack Benny The 64000 Question 1961

Jack Benny Goes Christmas Shopping 1950

Jack Benny Hour 1965

Jack Benny Program Jack Casting For Television Special 1961

Jack Benny Show Guest Humphrey Bogart 1950

Jack Benny Show How Jack Found Mary 1952

Jack Benny Show Jack and Bing Crosby 1952

Jack Benny Show Jack is a contestant 1955

Jack Benny Show Jack Takes a Train Trip 1952

Jane Eyre 1934

Jigsaw 1949

Johnny Carson Do You Trust Your Wife 1958

Judge Priest 1934

Jungle Book 1942

Kansas City Confidential 1952

Keystone Cops 19121917

KGB Connections The 1982

Killers from Space 1954

Lady Confesses The 1945

Lady from Chunking The 1942

Lady In the Death House 1944

Lady Says No The 1952

Lady Whirlwind 1973

Laser Mission 1989

Last Man On Earth The 1964

Last Time I Saw Paris 1954

Last Woman On Earth 1960

Laugh Maker The 1954

Law of the West 1932

Life at Stake A 1954

Life of Riley The Family Reunion1953

Life of Riley The Rileys Anniversary 1953

Life of Riley The Rileys Vacation Plans1953

Life of Riley The Rileys Separation Anxiety 1953

Lightnin Bill Carson 1936

Limping Man The 1953

Little Lord Fauntleroy 1936

Little Princess The 1939

Little Shop of Horrors 1960

Lock Up Jennifer 1960

Lock Up Red Confetti 1959

Lock Up So Ye Shall Reap 1960

Lock Up Compulsion Killer 1960

Lone Ranger Cannonball McKay 1949

Lone Ranger Enter the Lone Ranger 1949

Lone Ranger The Renegades 1949

Lost World The 1925

Love from a Stranger 1937

Love That Bob Bob Becomes a Stage Uncle 1958

Love That Bob Bob in Orbit 1958

Love that Bob The Ravishing Realtor 1958

Love That Bob Bob Butters Beck Butters Better 1958

Lucky Texan The 1934

Lucy and George Burns

Lucy Gets a Roommate

Lucy Meets Sheldon Leonard

Lucy Show The Lucy Gets Caught in the Draft 1962

Lum n Abner The Bashful Bachelor 1942

Magic Sword The 1962

Malice in the Palace 1949

Man In The Attic 1953

Man Who Cheated Himself The 1950

Man who walked alone The 1945

Manfish 1956

Manos The Hands of Fate 1966

Marie Galante 1934

Matter of Life and Death A 1946

McLintock 1963

Medicine Man The 1930

Mesa of Lost Women 1953

Messiah of Evil 1972

Missing Corpse The 1945

Mohawk 1956

Monsters From The Prehistoric Planet 1967

Moon of the Wolf 1972

Most Dangerous Game The 1932

Mr and Mrs North Comic Strip Tease 1952

Mr and Mrs North House Behind The Wall 1953

Mr and Mrs North Shrinking Violet 1953

Mr Motos Last Warning 1939

Mr Wong in Chinatown 1939

Mr Wong Detective 1938

Murder at the Baskervilles 1941

Murder by Television 1935

Murder in the Red Barn1935

Mutiny 1952

My Favorite Brunette 1947

Mystery of the Marie CelesteThe 1935

Nevada Buckaroo The 1931

Nevadan The 1950

New Adventures of Tarzan The 1935

Niagara Falls 1941

Night of the Blood Beast 1958

Night of the Living Dead 1968

Night Tide 1961

Nightmare Castle 1965

No Limit 1935

No Mans Range 1935

NonStop New York 1937

Oath of Vengeance 1944

Old Time Radio

One Rainy Afternoon 1936

One Step Beyond Brainwave 1960

One Step Beyond Call from Tomorrow 1960

One Step Beyond Delusion 1959

One Step Beyond Earthquake 1952

One Step Beyond Esther and Emily 1960

One Step Beyond Gypsy 1960

One Step Beyond I saw you Tomorrow 1960

One Step Beyond Legacy of Love 1961

One Step Beyond Make Me Not a Witch 1959

One Step Beyond Moment of Hate 1960

One Step Beyond Night of Decision

One Step Beyond The Dead Part of the House 1959

One Step Beyond The Devils Laughter 1959

One Step Beyond The Dream 1959

One Step Beyond The Executioner 1960

One Step Beyond The Inheritance 1959

One Step Beyond The Last Round 1961

One Step Beyond The Lovers 1959

One Step Beyond The Night of April 14th 1959

One Step Beyond The Peter Hurkos Story Part One 1952

One Step Beyond The Peter Hurkos Story Part Two 1952

One Step Beyond The Return of Mitchell Compion 1959

One Step Beyond The Sorcerer 1961

One Step Beyond The Storm 1959

Our Miss Brooks Home Cooked Meal

Our Miss Brooks Madison Mascot

Our Miss Brooks The Big Jump

Outlaw The 1943

Ozzie and Harriet 1954 A LAWNMOWER FOR OZZIE

Ozzie and Harriet 1954 BREAKFAST FOR HARRIET

Ozzie and Harriet 1954 DAVID GETS DISCOURAGED

Ozzie and Harriet 1954 DAVID THE BABYSITTER


Ozzie and Harriet 1954 KRIS GOES TO COLLEGE

Ozzie and Harriet 1954 LENDING MONEY TOWALLY


Ozzie and Harriet 1954 OZZIE CHANGES HISTORY

Ozzie and Harriet 1954 OZZIE PLANS A SURPRISE

Ozzie and Harriet 1954 OZZIE THE BOATKEEPER

Ozzie and Harriet 1954 OZZIE THE SPACE AGE

Ozzie and Harriet 1954 RICK IS LATE FOR DINNER

Ozzie and Harriet 1954 THE NELSONS DECIDE TO MOVE

Ozzie And Harriet David and the Mermaid 1964

Parole Inc 1950

Patriotic Popeye 1957

Penny Serenade 1941

Phantom Express 1932

Phantom of 42nd St The 1945

Phantom of the Opera 1925

Phantom Planet 1961

Phantom Ranger 1938

Phantom Submarine U671939

Pharmacist The 1933

Philip Marlowe Murder is a Grave Affair 1958

Philip Marlowe The Ugly Duckling 1959

Pied Piper of Hamlin 1957

Planet Outlaws 1953

Please Murder Me 1956

Police Rookie 1940

Popeye Big Bad Sindbad 1936

Popeye Fright to the Finish 1954

Popeye I dont scare 1956

Popeye Shut Eye Popeye 1952

Popeye Spree Lunch 1957

Popeye Taxi Turvey 1954

Popeye For President 1956

Postal Inspector 1936

Pot O Gold 1941

Power Dive 1941

Power Passion and Murder 1987

President Orders Cuban Blockade 1962

Prison Break 1938

Private Eye Popeye 1954

Project Kill 1976

Proud and the Damned The 1972

Quatermass II Part 1

Quatermass II Part 2

Quatermass II Part 3

Quatermass II Part 4

Quatermass II Part 5

Quatermass II Part 6

Queen of the Amazons 1947

Quicksand 1950

Racket Squad Accidentally On Purpose 1950

Racket Squad Anyone Can Be a Sucker 1950

Racket Squad The Bill of Sale Racket 1950

Racket Squad The Hearse Chaser 1950

Racket Squad The Strange Case of James Doyle 1950

Rage at Dawn 1955

Rain 1932

Red House The 1947

Red Lights Ahead 1937

Red Nightmare 1962

Red Skelton Show John Carradine Guests 1955

Red Skelton Show Mickey Rooney Guests 1956

Red Skelton Show wGeorge Raft 1956

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon 1976

Revenge of Doctor X The 1970

Richard Diamond Design For Murder 1954

Richard Diamond The Torch Carriers 1954

Richard Diamond The Venus of Park Avenue 1957

Riders of Destiny 1933

Riders of the Sage 1939

Rifleman The Mail Order Groom 1958

Road to Bali 1952

Roarin Guns 1936

Robot vs The Aztec Mummy The 1957

Rocky Jones Crash of the Moons 1954

Rocky Jones Menace From Outer Space 1954

Sadist The 1963

Sante Fe Trail 1940

Scar The 1948

Scarlet Letter The 1934

Scarlet Street 1945

Second Woman The 1950

Sergeant Preston The Black Ace 1956

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Blind Justice 1955

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Emergency On Scare face Flat 1955

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Eye Of Evil 1955

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon King Of HerschelIsland 1955

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Littlest Rookie 1955

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon The Limping King 1955

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon The Rookie 1955

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon The Black Ace 1955

Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror 1938

Shadows Over Shanghai 1938

She Beast The 1966

Sheena Queen of The Jungle Ganjika Kid

Sheena Queen of the Jungle 5 episodes 1952

Sherlock Holmes Dressed to Kill 1946

Sherlock Holmes Blind Mans Bluff 1954

Sherlock Holmes Diamond Tooth 1954

Sherlock Holmes Haunted Gainsborough 1954

Sherlock Holmes Mother Hubbard 1954

Sherlock Holmes Neurotic Detective 1954

Sherlock Holmes Texas Cowgirl 1954

Sherlock Holmes The Case of the French Interpreter 1954

Sherlock Holmes The Case Of The Red Headed League 1954

Sherlock Holmes The Pennsylvania Gun 1954

Sherlock Holmes The Thistle Killer 1954

Sherlock Holmes The Winthrop Legend 1954

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon 1943

Shirley Temple Shorts

Shock 1944

Shriek In The Night A 1933

Sin Takes a Holiday 1930

Sisters of Death 1977

Slowest Gun in the West 1960

Snake People 1971

Snow Creature The 1954

Snowbeast 1977

Snows of Kilimanjaro 1952

So this is Washington Lum and Abner 1943

Son of Monte Cristo The 1940

Sound of Horror 1964

Speckled Band The 1931

Spooks Run Wild 1941

St Benny the Dip 1951

Star Odyssey 1979

Star Packer The 1934

Star Performance Armed 1955

Star Performance Billy and the Bride 1955

Star Performance The Deceiving Eye 1955

Star Performance The Magic Hat 1952

Star Performance Tiger At Noon 1955

Stars Look Down The 1940

Stories of the Century Belle Star 1954

Stories of the Century Billy The Kid 1954

Stories of the Century Black Bart195455

Stories of the Century Cattle Kate 1954

Stories of the Century Geromimo 1954

Stories of the Century Quantrills Raiders 1954

Stories of the Century Sam Bass 1954

Stories of The Century The James Gang 1954

Straight Shooter 1939

Strange Illusion 1947

Strange Loves of Martha IversThe 1946

Strange Woman The 1946

Stranger The 1946

Studio One June Moon 1949

Studio One The Night America Trembled 1949

Studio One The Trial of John Peter Zenger 1950

Studio One The Willow Cabin 1950

Submarine Base 1943

Suddenly 1954

Sun Sets at Dawn 1950

Superman 1941

Superman Electric Earthquake 1942

Superman Japoteurs 1941

Superman Jungle Drums 1943

Superman Secret Agent 1943

Superman Showdown 1942

Superman The Magnetic Telescope 1942

Superman The Mummy Strikes 1941

Svengali 1931

Sword of Lancelot 1963

Teenage Zombies 1959

Teenagers From Outer Space 1959

Ten Fingers of Death 1971

Terror by Night 1946

Terror in the Midnight Sun 1959

Terror The 1963

Texas Terror The John Wayne 1935

The Big Picture George S Patton 1963

The Brain Machine 1977

The Crooked Circle 1932

The Eruption of Mount St Helens 1980

The Lucy ShowLucy and The Fight Manager 1962

The Lucy ShowLucy Goes To London 1962

The Lucy ShowLucy Meets John Wayne 1962

The Lucy ShowLucy The Starmaker

The Mickey Rooney Show 4

The Mickey Rooney Show Double Trouble 1954

The Mickey Rooney Show Pilot 1954

The Mickey Rooney Show The Lion Hunt 1954

The Mickey Rooney Show The Seance 1954

The Mickey Rooney Show 01

The Mickey Rooney Show 02

The Mickey Rooney Show 05

The Mickey Rooney Show 07

The Mickey Rooney Show 10

The Mickey Rooney Show 11

The Mickey Rooney Show 12

The Mickey Rooney Show 13

The Mickey Rooney Show 14

The Mickey Rooney Show 15

The Mickey Rooney Show 16

The Mickey Rooney Show 17

The Mickey Rooney Show 18

The Mickey Rooney Show 3

The Mickey Rooney Show 6

The Mickey Rooney Show 8

The Mickey Rooney Show 9

The Terror 1938

The Veil Destination Nightmare 1958

The Veil Food On the Table

The Veil Genesis 1958

The Veil Jack The Ripper 1958

The Veil Summer Heat 1958

The Veil The Crystal Ball 1953

The Veil The Doctors 1958

The Veil The Girl on the Road 1953

The Veil The Return of Madame Vernoy 1953

The Veil Vision of Crime 1958

They Came from Beyond Space 1967

They Made Me a Criminal 1939

Thunder in the City 1939

Ticket of Leave Man The 1937

Time of Your Life 1948

Timetable 1956

Timetable 1956

To the Shores of Iwo Jima 1945

Toll of the Sea The 1922

Too Late for Tears 1949

Topper 1953

Tormented 1960

Track of the Moon Beast 1976

Trauma 1962

Two Fisted Law 1932

Unknown World 1951

Vengeance Valley 1951

Virus 1980

Voodoo Man 1944

Walk the Dark Street 1956

War of the Robots 1978

War of the Wildcats 1943

Wasp Woman 1960

We Dive at Dawn 1943

Werewolf of Washington 1973

Western Cyclone 1943

Whats My Line Eleanor Roosevelt 1956

Whats My Line Walter Pigeon 1956

Whispering City The 1947

Whistle Stop 1946

Why Vietnam 1965

Wild Guitar 1962

Wild Ride The 1960

Wildfire 1945

Winds of the Wasteland 1936

Wives Under Suspicion 1938

Woman In Green The 1945

X Marks the Spot 1942

Yellowneck 1955

Yesterday Machine The 1963

Yongary Monster from the Deep 1967

Zeppelin Explodes Scores Dead 19370510

Zontar the Thing from Venus 1966