Strange Loves of Martha Ivers,The (1946)

Martha Ivers tried to get away from her aunt. She and her friend Sam were caught by the police and returns. When Mrs. Ivers attacks Martha’s pet cat with her cane; Martha intervenes and accidentally kills her aunt. After this, the movie is a great film noir full of blackmail and intrigue. Stars Barbara Stanwyck, Lizbeth Scott and Van Heflin.

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  1. HMM..weirdest movie poster I ever saw of this film!–Which is an all-time great film noir.The other fave of mine is “DOUBLE INDEMNITY”! WOW! It’s got everything! Both have the Queen of film noir, Barbra Stanwyck. No other actress could rival her except SUSAN HAYWARD! BOY, THEY DON’T MAKE WOMEN LIKE THOSE ANY MORE! these are real “feminists”!–they got grit and guts!–and glamour!

  2. Excellent film… Stanwyck at her best… curious what Lauren Bacall would be like in the Lizbeth Scott

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